Grace's Square Space

Mummy’s Hugs

Mummy’s hugs are filed with love and patience
Mummy’s hugs are filled with encouragement
Mummy’s hugs are filled with peace from me to you

Mummy’s hugs are filled with strength

Mummy’s hugs encompass all that is true powerful and infinite. 
May we always remember to hug our children 
Show them that we care for all times

Baby’s first Walk

The first time that you stood
On your small little feet and toes
My heart leapt out of my chest in fear
That you might get hurt and fall

I rushed to hold you but then I saw
You squealing and laughing carelessly
Slowly taking wobbling steps and you were happy

My eyes filled with tears in awe of you
I got onto my knees and opened my arms for you
And watched you in a daze of happiness
As you giggled and walked on your little legs

And you came right into my arms
I will cherish that day forever in my memory
And I would do anything to always keep you happy

Little Warrior

My small little warrior, you are my life
My dreams, my laughs, my beautiful sight
You have so much to learn in this dangerous world
And I will walk you through every step of the way

I will you wrap you in my arms as you sleep
And teach you how to face the world bravely
We will share laughter and sorrows together
And I will keep you warm and safe forever
I will stand by you and teach you how to fight
Till you stand tall, brave and bright

My love for you is like an eternal spirit
That will always be with you
So fear not, my little warrior you have so much to learn
And I will be with you in every turn

Labour of Love

I screamed as you came forth into this world
my legs could no longer carry our weight
And the changes in my body became so significant
I felt so sick
But could only be cured by you.

Breathing out and screaming loud
As you push your way through the birth canal
I felt no shame being so naked on that delivery bed
As privacy gave way to motherhood
I was the one you chose to bring you into this world

 Relieved as you push your way through
It felt like you just won your first combat in life
Showing up your personality with a cry

You are the love which grew inside of me
No pride compared to such
As I hear the only cry in the world which stands for joy.

A Mothers Wrath

Give me wisdom because  my blood pressure is a million plus
My pulse heck the machines can’t read it
Its undetectable as air turn it down a notch my guardian angels
I am breathing fire my mind is thunder.
And so I breathe deeply the sun rises everyday 

The birds sings seasons come and go
So this too shall pass albeit trying my patience to the core
I inhale peace and exhale patience again and again.
I center myself Intune with the frequency of life

The tides as they come and go I laugh
And  remember but yesterday I was my children if not worse
Then it suddenly dawns on me dear mother yes I gave you a few sleepless night.
In these realizations I over stand what it is to be a mother its eternal 

In highs and lows stick it through
Gather yourself breathe take a break 
Rejuvenate reflect and don’t take it personal


These sleepless nights and long days
Have somehow become my soulmates
How can I sleep when my baby calls for me?
Crying in his little voice and fisting his small hands
I run to his cradle and hold him in my arms
And feed him till he is quiet and calm

I cradle him to me and rock him to sleep
Smile and say sweet little words in his ears
And I don’t mind these sleepless nights because he is near
My love for my baby is never ending like the sky
And I always want to hold him like this and never say goodbye

I know he will grow up to be a beautiful gentleman
And I’ll always be there with him through thick and thin


My dear little one,
Do you know the first time that you cried?
I wiped your tears and smiled?
You were like a little shimmering bright star,
That lightened up my whole world,

The first time I heard your small little voice
My heart leaped out of my chest with joy
Each passing day became more cheerful with you
The happiness I felt when I held you in my arms
Was more than all of the joys of the world combined

I am grateful for those nine months of hardships
Because every tick of those days led me to you
Remember my dear little one,
My love for you is unconditional
And wherever you go in this world
My heart will follow you with every step of the way

My double Mees 

My babies I see me in you
The cheekiness the carefree attitude
The rebel defining yourself on your own terms. 
Sometimes I get angry

 then I remember you’re a reflection of me with a dose of your own person.. 
Then I laugh and say a phase like all phases this too shall pass.


The depth of the ocean and the limitless sky
Couldn’t tell you about the deepness of my love
And how every beat of my heart calls for you
My baby you are my cherished treasure

The day that I became a mother
Was the most magical day because it gave me you
Being a mother is not the easiest job

But it sure is the best one
Because there is no greater honor, love or blessing
Than being a mother


My sweet little baby,
I’m your biggest admirer,
Whatever you need whatever you desire
I will follow you through the dark and into the light
I love your wee little fingers and your beautiful small toes

Remember that my love for you will always be constant
No matter what happens in the world I’ll always be your fan
Your smiles are my cures and your pains are my enemies
And I will be with you in every spring and memory


My baby how fast you are growing up
Crawling around on the ground
Putting things in your mouth
Squealing loudly when you’re happy
And crying when you are left alone
Pointing to birds in the sky

Recognizing faces and wiggling your legs
Your little fingers and toes
Are the things I cherish the most My baby no matter how fast you grow
You will always be the little part of my soul

First tooth

Crying and chewing on your fingers ready to bite
My small little bundle of happiness it’s going to be alright
Your face  with light fever and your eyes squeezed shut
I’ve spent sleepless nights cradling you to me
And I will keep holding you till the pain goes

Your small little teeth will come out soon
Marking another path of our journey together
And your small pearly whites are ready to start chewing
Giving your mama more sleepless nights

But everything is worth it for you my darling
I will be with you through every milestone of your growth
And I know that my journey with you will always be beautiful

Mama is the word

When you said “Mama” for the very first time
My tiny world, my perfect dime
I grabbed you in my arms and twirled you around
I love hearing your precious sounds

Your innocence and beautiful eyes
Shined brighter when you started to speak
Saying words and making my heart leap
You are made with a piece of my heart
And whenever you say my name my world gets bright

Days seem more beautiful when your voice fills the air
Your giggling, wiggling, squealing and talking
Is what makes me happy and brave


Everything is worth it for you my dear
The long nine months of waiting
Pees, vomits and the care
Those sleepless nights and endless days
But I don’t mind them one bit
Because they all led me to you

The memories with you make everything worthwhile
The laughter as you play, the pillow forts and happy squeals
The warm hugs as you drifted off to sleep
I fell in love with you before I even saw you
My sun rises and sets with you my dear
Cry no more my love your mama is here