Stage 3

Weaning stage 3 takes place from 9 to 12 months of age. During this stage, you can introduce all the foods from stage 1, stage 2 as well as family foods that have been prepared without salt, sugar, and sauces. This stage is ideal to encourage your child to feed on his own. Third stage foods are more solid in consistency. The meal plan for stage 3 includes three main meals each consisting of 4-6 tablespoons and 2-3 nutritious snacks. Great food options to include at this stage are sliced fruits, breadsticks, strips of cooked meat, smaller portions of family foods like soups and stews. They should be minced or chopped to facilitate chewing. Ideal drinks include breast milk on demand, formula milk, or cool boiled water.

Do not introduce honey, salt, sugar, and processed foods that have been preserved in a lot of salt before 12 months of age. Honey is sometimes contaminated with the Clostridium bacteria, a harmful bacterium that can cause muscle weakness in a baby. It is also advisable to avoid nuts and seeds until your child turns 5 years old due to allergic reactions. At the end of the third stage, your child should be able to chew chopped and lumpy foods, self-feed with a spoon, and drink comfortably from a cup