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22 Tips For First Time Dads

There has been a substantial amount of data collected about a mother’s role in the upbringing of a child. However, though times are changing the reverse hasn’t always been true for fathers. To date, there is now more support and education for fathers. This article serves as a basic guideline for first-time fathers so that they can take an active part in their child’s life. The importance of the father’s role is priceless it can greatly influence the child’s cognitive, social, and emotional capabilities. Following are a few tips for first time dads: 

1. Be a good husband

Being a great dad is not the foremost pillar in this process. It all starts with being a responsible, loving and a caring husband. The initial step is to recognize the importance of a family and keeping it together by getting actively involved in the prenatal process.  

2. Be more communicative with your partner

Husbands need to show extra patience, support and be involved in more open communication with their partner. Giving birth to a child is not an easy task and can be very traumatizing to the women as the body undergoes numerous hormonal changes. Thus, the mom needs to be given time to get accustomed to all the new changes. 

3. Help mom feed the child

It is important for both parents to support each other during feeds, night times are more demanding therefore dads support is essential. This helps to give mum a bit of a break and rest after a hectic busy day with baby. It may pose a bit of a challenge if the little one is breastfed however if the baby is not hungry and just needs some attention then dad to the rescue.

4. Change in habits

With a baby comes a new way of life. Fathers need to be extra cautious with a baby around them and mould their habits accordingly if required. For example, dads that smoke should certainly not smoke with the child in the room and avoid placing any ash trays near them. 

5. Buy toys with care

Usually fathers are most often excited to buy different types of toys gadgets for their children. However, they do not really need to spend extra lavishly on such products. Babies outgrown them in no times plus reading for them etc is more therapeutic and has so many benefits.

6. Be a protector

The fathers role is also the family’s protector from any internal and external harm. He should be comforting and loving towards the child and mother. He is setting the scene for a healthy relationship with his child and equally teaching the child what it means to be a father.

7. Socio-economic status

Although, financial status is a highly important factor which may help to lead a good lifestyle, but, not the only factor. Research also opposes any such stereotypes and concludes that fathers do not necessarily need to show their love and affection through monetary ways.  The love you have for your child is not defined by money.

8. Make your child a top priority

The child needs to be the foremost responsibility of the father and everything else shall follow. Even if it means rescheduling fathers own timetable. 

9. Seek the best of fathers

There is no harm in reaching out to other fathers for help and guidance as they could provide valuable experiences from their life that new fathers can benefit, plus you can ask question in areas you feel uncertain.

10. Infants love motion

Infants crave to be held up high in the air, jostled, bounced and be tickled. Research proves that such movements have a healthy impact on their brain as it enhances their senses. Moreover, this role is best suited to fathers as obviously they can do so with more energy and care at the same time. 

11. More frequent interaction

According to a research published in Infant Mental Health Journal fathers who tend to interact more with their children especially in the early months tend to produce more sharp and intelligent kids as it builds their cognitive abilities. be creative.

12. Play with your child

This is an extremely important act to do as the delivery of this element is different from what mothers provide. The concept of shared joy is crucial in the upbringing of friendly children.

13. Be Supportive

It is important for fathers to engage in productive tasks and help in the household chores too. For example, doing the laundry once a week, cleaning up the house and cooking etc. This will not only help the mother but boost their self-esteem too. 

14. Teach them

It is important to involve the kids in educational activities as this would help them compete effectively with the academic competition. This can be done in several different ways including book reading or by using different gadgets. 

15. Help them grow emotionally

It is important to be empathetic and affectionate towards the kid so that he/she could learn from their parents’ example and follow their footsteps ultimately. This would also help them build better friendships in the future. 

16. Teach them social values

Teaching children social values and morals is essential as it contributes to them being responsible citizens in society. They need to know the difference between right and wrong thus laying an important foundation in their lives indeed a great ammunition.

17. Character Development

It is essential to mold the behavior of the child, For example, discourage acts like bullying, shop lifting, lying, stealing etc. Bare in mind the you the dad are the first example and role model in essence practice what you preach

18. Share your religious beliefs

Educate them on religion and spirituality do not force them nonetheless teach them. Make them identify their creator and follow the religious practices. Essentially at the core 99% of religions are alike, love respect and harmony is at the center of their teachings.

19. Guide them about assertive skills

Teach your little one the right kind of postures or non verbal body language. Show them how to stand correctly, sit down, and make eye contact with the other person and so on. 

20. Integrity

Educate them about being true to themselves and the importance of integrity in life, its one of those things that money cant buy, it comes from within. Teach them to say ‘no’ where required. However, it should be in a friendly yet assertive manner. 

21. Share your own experiences

This step is essential in learning it serves so many purposes such as encouraging them to share their experiences challenges, Dad sharing stories shows that dad too is human Thus allowing and enabling them to be more interactive and open towards their parents. 

22. Love them from all your heart

All the above mentioned tips need to have this magical element. Without love and warmth no sincerity is achieved.