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Dangers Of EMF

What Is EMF (Electromagnetic Field)

Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Radiations are high levels of hazardous radiation emitted from magnetic and radioactive fields into the atmosphere. Recently, their source has been the proliferation of GSM phone usage, Towers, and Base Stations, etc. Other sources are microwave fields and medical equipment that generate high-content magnetic rays.

The GSM substations are believed to emit these Electromagnetic Field rays into the atmosphere. Study shows that exposure to these rays could cause a whole lot of health hazards. Adults still have a high measure of resistance but children are very vulnerable. Thus, it is advised that children should be kept away from these radiations to avoid the impending hazards

These radiations are also contacted through the use of mobile phone; keeping the phone in the pockets, on the body etc. There is also the high risk of arthritis and heart failure from exposure to this radiation. Infertility has also been recorded as another challenge from exposure to cell phones, especially keeping them close to the body or on the body 

Cellphone Or Mobile Phones

Telephony started with the use of large fixed phones that are kept in the offices or houses. With the quest for a system of mobile communications, further technological development introduced the use of mobile or cell phones. The advent of mobile phones saw the use of huge mobile hand-held devices that where fashionable at the time but very laughable today. With further development into something more adaptable, the sleek looking handsets were introduced with a constant improvement on what existed. 

It first started with the CDMA models and later developed into GSM phones that could only make and receive calls and send SMS. With the advancement in technology, GSM phones have developed into versatile multimedia smart phones and have covered about 97% of global use.  However, the development has also come with a little taste of hazards that has generated concern from policy makers and concerned citizens, the World Health Organization (WHO) inclusive. 


  1. Cancer: One of the major hazards associated with telephony use is cancer. Although this has also generated a whole lot of controversies, scientist and researchers are still battling in different research facilities to authenticate the truth behind these claims. The argument has been that, cell phone and other wireless devices are responsible for the production and development carcinogens. These radiations are graded in the same range with the hazardous effects of the carbon compounds emitted from the exhaust pipes of power generating sets and cars, and some range of pesticides that has been marked as harmful to human health.
  2. Effects on reproduction: It has also been argued in some quarters that these radiations have harmful effects on the human reproductive system. Most affected in this category are the men. These radiations are believed to have the tendency of slowing down the sperm, reducing the sperm count or eliminating them totally.
  3. Brain damage: EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiations are harmful to the brain cells, especially children. It is believed that these radiations have the possibility of slowing down and altering the human brain metabolism to a destructive level.  An unborn child is likely to develop complications if an expecting mother is exposed to these rays.

The Infants Brain

Children are the most affected by EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiations. As a result, parents are always advised to protect their wards from direct exposure to Electromagnetic Field Radiations. It is also very important to note that the level of harm done to the child’s brain is proportional to the age of the child. Fetus and infants are more vulnerable from research findings.

The brain of the infant is still in the developmental stage and is very susceptible to external attack and influence. The brain is still malleable thus it is easily affected by a foreign influence. In the developmental stage of the infant brain, research has shown that it contains a lot of fluids which attracts radioactive waves. The fluid in the developing infant’s brain absorbs these radiations to its destruction.

Another major cause of the quick damage to the brain of the infant is the size of the head. The head of an infant is still in the developmental stage. It is partially soft (fragile), with tissues that are still forming, it is small in nature, thus allowing quick access to the brain center. Also, with the developing follicles of the ear, greater damage is done to the child without much resistance. 


Every parent thrives to ensure that their wards are in a state of wellbeing. A healthy child is every parent’s priority; as a result, precautions are needed to keep the child from possible dangers and known hazards like exposure to Electromagnetic Field Radiations.

  • Note, the infant or fetus’ nervous system is still developing and will continually develop unto adulthood. At this stage of early development, the child needs a healthy environment for proper and safe development of these organs. This is not for the child only but for the expectant mother also. The brain of the child is like the major engine for sustainability of healthy growth and mental balance. It is advised that parents should ensure that wards are kept away from areas with high level of Electromagnetic Field Radiation emissions in other not to disrupt the developmental process of the child’s nervous system and the brain.
  • Record of most brain cancer in adults and infants have been associated with Electromagnetic Field Radiations. This has also been a major concern to health experts and researchers. This is more so since the major source is as a result of the frequency of cell phone usage. However, there is also the study that argues that it might be as a result of unsafe method of usage. But the underlying factor is that a high level or frequency of cell phone usage has the hazardous tendency of being able to damage brain cells thus resulting in brain cancer.
  • There is the possibility of a carryover of damage from infancy to adulthood. Research has shown that adult who were exposed to Electromagnetic Field Radiations at infant are at a high risk of having brain cancer. This has become a major concern to parents because most parents expose their wards to the use of mobile phone at early age as toys or as a means to know their way about.  Research opines that this is a great risk factor in adulthood, resulting to brain cancer. 

Well-being Of The Child

The child needs our utmost care and attention. The child is like a property that we need to tend and protect until he or she is able to take good care of himself or better still being responsible for himself.

  • Electromagnetic Field Radiations have been identified to be the major cause of frequent acute headaches in children.
  • In as much as we have good intentions for our children, it is noteworthy to know that a wide range of electronic gadgets like play computers, learning tablets, computer toys etc. emit EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Radiations. Always provide a Radiation Shield before giving that child that gadget. They are sold in computer stores.
  • Also regulate the time frame your ward uses this gadget to avoid over exposure.
  • Another risk of cell phone use in infants is hearing impairment. This is because the child’s ears are still adapting to the noisy environment, the eardrum is still tender and yet to be fully developed and the muscles and nerves that connect the ear to the brain are still very tender. Frequent use of cell phones will damage these nerves and impair proper development.
  • Hearth diseases in children have been a major concern to health workers and concerned authorities. It has been identified that one of the major causes of this ailment in children is as result of either the mother being exposed to cell phones at the period of expectancy or the child has been exposed to same at a very tender age.
  • Children exposed to cell phone are also at a high risk of suffering from brain tumors. 

EMF Radiation And Cancer

The record of patients suffering from cancer has been on the increase recently. But the fear or worrisome part of it is the record of children suffering from the scourge. Cancer attacks different parts of the human system as a result of different levels of exposures and activities. Children do not have a choice as to where they will be at a particular time except they are taken to such places by their parents and guidance.

On this note, it has come to be a thing of concern especially to the World Health Organization (WHO) on measures to curb these occurrences. Parents are therefore advised to be cautious of where they take their children to. Avoid high risk areas; limit the exposure of your wards to cell phone and its accessories to free your children from infant cancer. It could be brain cancer, ear cancer, or even blood cancer. 

Infant Heart Disease

Health disease used to be a sickness for the elderly, but with the advancement in technology and scientific discoveries, children have joined adults in this great ravaging scourge. It is not unusual to find a child diagnosed of heart disease. It could be in the rhythm of the hearth beat, a hole in the heart or any other kind of tumor. These are associated with exposure to Electromagnetic Field Radiations 


Prevention is said to be the best method of avoiding the health risks associated with Electromagnetic Field Radiations. However, is near impossible to have a total avoidance of contact with these radiations. This is as a result of the wide level of coverage of GSM use globally. The reduction or prevention methods are not rigid and are very easy to comply with. Below is a list of some:

  • Expecting mothers are advised to always stay away from equipment that have the tendencies of Electromagnetic Field Radiations. Examples are cell sites and high magnetic radiation equipment. The fetus is still developing and has a low level of resistance to radioactive rays. These rays have the possibility of causing great damage to the developing fetus. It could be brain damage, since the brain of the developing infant has a high concentration of fluids and receptive to these rays.
  • Expectant mothers should limit the use of mobile phones. There cannot be a total stoppage of the usage of mobile phones but there can be a reduction. This simple precaution can be a safety guide to infant wellbeing.
  • Cell phones should not be kept on the belly. The rays emitted by the cell phone can have damaging effect on the child’s organs, like the brain, heart, ears and even the skin.
  • Infants should not be exposed to cell phones that are at the brink of going off as a result of low battery charge. Research has shown that a cell phone that is at the brink of discharging its last charge has a higher level of risk factor than one that is fully charged. It is a warning note that parents should not allow their wards take or make call when the battery of the cell phone is very low. It could result in brain damage, cancer, heart disease, dizziness and other forms of ailments.
  • Phones should not be kept close to the heads or body of infants. This simple precaution can help in the wellbeing of the child.
  • It is advisable to answer calls through an earpiece, this is a great health tip for the guardian and the child.
  • The child should be made to answer his call through the speaker, the phone should be kept far away from him while he answers the call.
  • Do not leave the phones in the child’s bedroom; it is advisable that parents remove all phones and EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Radiation emitting gadgets from the child’s room before the child goes to bed.
  • Do not give children cell phones as toys. They do not understand the health implications and hazards associated with it.