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Dads Guide To Pregnancy

Men react to their wife’s pregnancy in various ways. While some are beyond happy, others are scared more so if it’s a new experience and they weren’t prepared for it. Well, becoming a father is a blessing. It truly is. You and the love of your life make a mini version of yourselves, doesn’t it sound just beautiful to you? There are couples around the globe who have been trying so hard to have a baby and unfortunately, they cannot conceive it due to multiple reasons. You are among the blessed ones Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for both you and your wife. However, it is the woman who has to go through all the physical and emotional changes. Don’t let her face all of it alone. Be her constant support through this pregnancy. And how can you do that? Let’s find out! 

Attend Doctor’s Appoinment With Her

Regular checkups at gynecologists” become a routine when your wife is pregnant, You definitely don’t want to miss them they are very educational and important we highly recommend that you dont miss them! Drive your partner to the hospital or take a taxi etc whatever you mode of transport, wait with her at reception until your scheduled appointment is due. This is going to make your wife feel supported. This gesture also shows your willing involvement and interest towards your unborn baby .Going with her on every appointment might not be possible for you all the time. In that case, remind her of it and talk about how it went. Your goal here is to make her feel that you are equally happy and excited about it. 

Bear Your Wife’s Mood Swings

Mood swings can be defined as a sudden change of emotion fluctuating in frequency. These tend to peak in the first trimester that is, the early weeks, and during the third trimester when her body is getting prepared to deliver the baby. So, keep in mind these two time periods and be prepared for the possible highs and lows. Do not take it personally though it’s part of the pregnancy’s journey. It is important to note that not all women experience mood swings during pregnancy. There are a couple of reasons behind these indefinable mood swings. It can be the physical stress, pain, or fatigue your wife is bearing or because of the hormonal changes that are taking place in her system. If you can recall, these mood swings are an enhanced version of the ones your wife shows when she is menstruating.

It can play out it different ways, one day she is sad the next happy or vice versa. They might be crying and of course anger and extreme annoyance to different things. If she shouts at you or gets mad at you don’t retaliate. Stay calm and try to calm her down too. Act according to her mood and listen to what she is saying. She needs your attention undivided attention, Whatever pain she is going through, your support and your Tolerance makes the journey so much easier

Feed her cravings 

If your wife is pregnant and she is not having unusual and untimely cravings, are you sure she is pregnant? Pregnancy and food cravings go hand in hand and she is isn’t doing it on purpose. Her changing hormones are making her feel that way. Be her superhero and buy what her body is craving for , no matter what time of the day.  

Love Her Changing Body

Let’s say your wife is a stay fit and regular at the gym, she loves to stay toned and is always having a close look at her diet and exercising routine. She probably freaks out whenever she gains a bit of weight. During pregnancy, she is gaining loads of it. Can you imagine how much she would be freaking out deep inside even if she does not express it. Understand this without her going verbal about it and show her that you love her in every shape. This can be expressed in different ways. You can photograph her baby bump each month and save it as a memory. Above all tell her how pretty she looks with the baby bump. Other than this, you can surprise her with pretty new clothes to take her out on dates. Make her fall in love with the new body and she will confidently carry it

Don’t Be The Cause of Stress

It is always good to share problems and concerns with your partner. This shows how compatible and loyal you guys are towards each other. This act is always appreciated however when your wife is expecting do your best to reduce stress. Stress is not only hazardous for her, but can be dangerous and life-threatening to the baby.


Talking things out, exchanging concerns, and getting to know each other’s perspective is so very important, especially during this journey. Talking about both your expectations is essential as equally meeting each other halfway. You guys will come up with a lot of creative ideas to solve problems that you might face when the baby comes. Equally, your communication will build a comfortable household environment and alleviate any anxieties about being a dad or mom.

Work On Your Addictions

If you are a smoker and your wife is pregnant. Try to quit smoking as it is unhealthy for everyone. An unborn baby is capable of acquiring developmental problems because of the cigarette smoke you are exhaling and your wife inhaling. If this poses a great challenge try using nicotine patches and lozenges this may help to stop or reduce the cravings. If all this is not possible and you’re going to smoke, then do not do it in the presence of your pregnant wife go somewhere else like the garden, etc. The same approach should be used when the baby is born.

Learn About Pregnancy

Create some time and learn about pregnancy. This is very important as it will help you in supporting your wife in a well rounded manner.

  • Purchase some DVDs on pregnancy. The local library is equally a great resource.
  • When you take your wife for check-ups, do ask questions from your gynecologists’. This will clear any concerns you may have regarding pregnancy.
  • Take some notes from your friends who have experienced this journey. You will know what resonates with you and what doesn’t trust your instinct.
  • Do your research by reading related articles over the internet which covers pregnancy overall. This will prepare you for possible emergencies.
  • Attend antenatal classes, antenatal classes will prepare you and your partner for labor. The mentor will walk you and your wife through the journey of pregnancy. This will strengthen the bond between you two and give reassurances to your experiences. 

Do The Little Things

There is no harm in pampering and spoiling your awesome wife

Here is a list of what can be done to make them feel special:

  • Grab several essential oils and give your wife a massage occasionally before bedtime. She’ll have a good peaceful sleep. Don’t forget the foot massage Your pregnant wife needs it.
  • It is really hard to sleep with a baby bump. Why not get her a comfy pregnancy pillow?
  •  Read pregnancy books to your wife. This way you both can learn together and she’ll love it more than you think
  • Be her helping hand in household chores. Treat her to breakfast in bed. Sounds good right
  • Talk to the bump and caress it its a magical experience, She will appreciate your bonding with the baby.
  • Take loads of pictures with her. Not only is it fun but a creative way to document your baby’s growth.
  • Be romantic. Take her out on dates; it can be anything: movies, candlelight dinners, walks, and ice cream. Also, you can bring her flowers and cards on your way back from work.
  • Be the trendsetter and host your wife’s bridal shower. This will surely leave her speechless.
  • These things might be little but will mean a lot to your wife. If not all, try to do some for her. 

Be Patient

So, the time is here. You are just a few days away from holding your little one for the first time. As soon as labour begins, women become much more vulnerable. These last few days of pregnancy are pretty tough and they need your support the most at this moment. They’ll laugh with you; scream at you, cry, moan, or shout. Whatever tantrum your wife is throwing at you, just be patient and don’t take anything personally. It is the unbearable pain that is making her react this way, if she wants to stay alone, let her be that way. Don’t force or pressurize her for anything she isn’t willing to do. Your tolerance and understanding is definitely required.

Help Her Deliver The Baby

This one is scary but if you’ll do it, it is going to leave you with the emotion and experience you’ll never be able to describe. Don’t be one of those husbands who wait outside labour or operation theatre to hear the good news. Be amongst those who stands besides their wife, hold their hand tight, and help them push. You both will get to see your baby together for the first time and that you’ll never forget. That moment. The joy.  That is something you need to experience. It will bring you two closer than you ever were. Be there and wrap up the journey on a beautiful note. 

Simply Love Her

Make your partner feel loved, safe, and secure. Love her flaws and forgive her for all the trouble she might have put you through during this journey. Acknowledge that this is not only her job but you’re the partner with equal responsibilities. Make it a good environment for your child to be born in. A happy, healthy one. In the end, the words to live by are “we are pregnant” not “my wife is pregnant”.